• You Know that students will spend another 30 to 50 hours practicing their driving before they get their driver's license
  • You know that those hours can be nerve racking for the student and for the parent driving with them
  • Providing a Student Driver Magnet will help alert other cars that the driver is still learning and help them keep their distance
  • Providing a Student Driver Magnet will also help the student and the parent relax and feel safer on the road!


3" x 12" Learning2Drive Magnet Yellow

3" x 12" Learning2Drive Magnet Yellow
3" X 12" Yellow "Learning2Drive" Magnet
Price: $14.99

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  • Adding your school name and contact information to the magnet will also promote your service to thousands of local residents
  • All of these local residents know somebody who will soon be learning to drive

  • All driving schools care about student safety when they are instructing, but your school cares about the students whenever they are practicing their driving!

Start Handing Out Student Driver Magnets in your introductory packets today and watch your business grow!

Corporate Promotions

  • - Advertising Free of Charge: Let parents do advertising for you while they are out putting in the extra practice time you recommend with their children. Tell them you care about their safety that is why you are giving this to them. In the meantime they


The design is our own, based on safety and ease of use.
These highly visible, attention-getting magnets use the OSHA recommended ANSI safety color code yellow combined with black…for the same reason that school buses and many traffic signs use the yellow and black combination. It’s almost

The Idea

The idea came from traveling in Europe, observing similar programs in several countries, and researching the results. What we learned convinced us that signs like these can make a huge difference.


"A big help, made me feel more at ease the first time I pulled out to drive with my son. It is reassuring knowing others know my son is just learning how to drive."

"What a difference the magnets make!"


Applying Flexible Magnets

- Place magnet on smooth, flast or gently curved metallic surfaces.
- Entire magnet should be flat against the metal surface (no air pockets).
- If you place the magnet in the wrong position, remove the magnet from the surface and replace. Do

Driving Safety Tips

Put on your seat belt and make sure all your passengers buckle up, too.

Adjust your car's headrest to a height behind your head--not your neck--to minimize whiplash in case you're in an accident.

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